"50th Reunion + 4"

Here are pictures of some those attending the Cookout at
Forest Hills

August 12, 2005
Tom Byrne
Wiley and Claudette Witherspoon
Bill Riggs and Nancy Boxwell
John and Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger
Ruby (Brandenburg) and Jim Aldridge
Gerald and Stacy Crow
Ruth (Allen) Clark
John and Alice Agoston
Charles and Phyllis (Duncan) McChesney
Jerry and Audrey Burnett
Tom Byrne and Jeanine (Mehl) Davidson
Ron and Shirley Cox
Tom Timmons
Fred and Dana Sennet
Norm and Chris Higham
Pat (Conn) Lewis
Joe and Marilyn (Schneider) Minor
Dale Kohler
Bob and Margaret (Schneider) Henderson
Don and Paula Smith
Loretta (Duff) and Doug Smith
Mary (Greathouse) and John Montgomery
Ed and Ginger (Hein) Seamon
Tom and Ceil (Kramer) Stabler
Dick and Carolyn (Jones) Fiessinger
This person must have crashed the party.  Some have said it is Jack Howard but this cannot be confirmed