Barbara Rau Reinartz, Stan Reinartz, Ed Seamon, Ginger Hein Seamon
Just Waitin' for Lunch
2007 CLASS of 1951  LUNCHEON

August 23rd
Christ United Methodist Church
hosted by
Joe & Marilyn Minor

Norm and Chris Higham, smiling Tom Timmons, half of Mary Elizabeth Greathouse Montgomery
More Tom Timmons, Mary Elizateth Greathouse Montgomery and John Montgomery
L. to R., Pat Conn Lewis, Mary Peck Armitage and Neil Armitage, and Nancy Roper Strait
Jean Burgess Butts, Phoebe Henry (Mailbox is Full) Muraski and Bill Muraski
Jerry Crow, Les Mills and Phyllis Patton Mills, Ceil Kramer Stabler behind Tom Stabler
Ceil Kramer Stabler and Tom Stabler, Bob and Margaret Schneider Henderson
Ruthie Allen Clark, Shirley Stout Mills, Lucretia Glass
Hazel, guest of Sharo Frazier, Sharo and Chef Joe Minor
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Marilyn Schneider Minor and Ruthie Allen Clark
A Rose between two thorns--Bill Riggs, Janice Rich Kash, and Fred Sennet
Wiley and Claudette Witherspoon, Nancy Bolton guest of Bill Riggs.
Backgrond, Dick Fiessinger and Carolyn Jones Fiessinger
Ceil and John Rossi
John and Alice Agoston, Ruby Brandenburg Aldridge and Jim Aldridge
Jeannine Mehl Davidson and Audrey Burnett
Background L. to R., George Christy, Doug Burgher and John Sauter
"Deer in the Headlights" Tom Byrne and Jeannine Mehl Davidson
Peggy Salyer, Loretta Duff Smith, Pat Hopkins Grass and Bertie Elkins Lewis
L. to R. Dee Rhodes Burkhardt, Janet Robinson, "Where's Joyce?" John Schraffenberger, and Nancy MacKinnon Karchner (Joyce was attending Kiwanis where she introduced the program)
"What's so Funny" Luther and Barbara Morris and Earl Cottongim
Dee Rhodes Burkhardt, Janet Robinson and John Schraffenberger
In the Back, Jack Howard and Don Smith
Bob Housh in his '50's pants and Marilyn Housh
(At least he can still get in 'em)