Nancy Bolton, Bill Riggs, Wiley Witherspoon and Claudette Witherspoon
John Rossi, Doug Burgher and Wiley Witherspoon
Ceil Rossi, Ceil (Kramer) Stabler and Tom Stabler
Marilyn (Schneider) Minor
John Schraffenberger, Jack Howard, Dave Tickel, Tom Byrne, and Janet Robinson
Dave Tickel, Tom Byrne, Ruby (Brandenburg) Aldridge, Ralph Kah, Jim Myers and DeeAnn Kah
Loretta (Duff) Smith, Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech, Bob Henderson and
Anna Burgher
Ginger (Hein) Seamon, Pat (Conn) Lewis and Jean (Burgess) Butts
Anna Burgher and Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger
Hazel Mack (guest of Sharo) and Sharo Frazier
Nancy (Roper) Strait, Dolores (Gruenhoh) Sech and Bob Henderson
Nancy (Roper) Strait, Marge Theruer (guest of Jack), Jack Howard and
Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech
Norm Higham, Wiley Witherspoon, Bill Riggs, Ted Karchner, Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner and Nancy (Roper) Strait
Ted Karchner, Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt and Janice (Rich) Kash
Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson and Nancy Bolton (guest of Bill Riggs)
Dave Tickel's brother, John Schraffenberger and Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger
Pat Andreoli (guest of John), Margaret (Schneider) Henderson and John Sauter
Some things never change
John Schraffenberger, Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger and Dale Kohler
Les Mills, Phyllis (Patton) Mills, Ruthie (Allen) Clark, Jerry Crow and Stacy Crow
DeeAnn Kah, Ralph Kah and Dave Tickel
Isabel (Fuller) Bendel, Dick Bendel and Fred Sennet

Earl Cottongim, Tom Timmons, Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery, Jean (Burgess) Butts and Don Smith
Chef Joe Minor

Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech, Ed Seamon, David Morgan, Ginger (Hein) Seamon and Tom Timmons
Photos from the Class of '51 Luncheon held at the Christ United Methodist Church, Middletown on August 28, 2008
(thanks to Rose Morgan and Nancy Karchner for the photos)
Lunch prepared by Joe Minor with help of course from Marilyn