Photos from the 2010 Class of '51 Luncheon held at
Mount Pleasant Retirement Village
August 26, 2010

Thanks to Rose Morgan and Nancy Karchner
for taking these photos
Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt
Bob Henderson, Ron & Shirley Cox w/Les Mills and Jim Myers
Edith Kohler and Norm Higham w/Dale Kohler & Dave Morgan
Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner, Dee Ann Kah, Ralph Kah, Tom Timmons,
Vera (Craig) Keller and Rose Morgan
Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery, Ginger (Hein) Seamon & Ed Seamon
Lucretia Glass, Ed Seamon, Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery
Dale & Edith Kohler
Les Mills, Jerry Crow, Stacy Crow & Vera (Craig) Keller
Lucretia Glass, Doug Burgher, Ruth (Allen) Clark, Hazel Mack & Sharo Frazier
Bill Riggs, Nancy Bolton, Claudette & Wiley Witherspoon
Janet Robinson, Betty Jo (Kuiken) Chaney, Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner & Don Smith
Vera (Craig) Keller, Dale & Edith Kohler & Phyllis (Patton) Mills
Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson, Tom Byrne, Doug Burgher & John Rossi
John Schraffenberger & Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger
Dave & Rose Morgan w/Betty Jo (Kuiken) Chaney, Janet Robinson &
John Rossi
John & Fran Cotterman & Dave Morgan
Claudette & Wiley Witherspoon & Nancy (Roper) Strait
Ed & Ginger (Hein) Seamon, Bob & Marilyn Housh & Don Smith
Stacy Crow, Phyllis (Patton) Mills & Vera (Craig) Keller
Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner, Pat (Conn) Lewis, Dee Ann & Ralph Kah &
Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt
John Agoston, Peggy Salyer, Alice Agoston & Jan McIntosh (Peggy's sister)
Ted Karchner, Tom Timmons, Ed Seamon,
Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery & Ginger (Hein) Seamon
Doug Burgher, Peggy Salyer, Alice Agoston & Jan McIntosh (Peggy's sister),
at the far table, Ruth (Allen) Clark, Margaret (Schneider) Henderson,
Hazel Mack & Sharo Frazier
John Rossi, Tom Byrne, Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson,
Anna Burgher, Ceil Rossi & Doug Burgher
In the foreground are Pat (Conn) Lewis & Norm & Chris Higham
The Class of 1951 wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of these classmates:

on the left, Shirley (Stout) Mills (3/28/1933 - 7/6/2010)

in the center, Edith (Barnette) Todd (2/2/1933 - 6/10/2010)

on the right, Ruth (Smith) Phelps Pickett (4/4/1933 - 6/25/2008)

Memorial Service programs furnished by Lucretia Glass

In spite of our best efforts to include everyone's picture at least once, we missed Patsy Ann (Fouch) Deaton
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Don Smith, Fred Sennet and Nancy (Roper) Strait