55th Reunion
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Ed Seamon entertained the crowd with his "10 Easy Questions for
MHS '51 Graduates"

The 55th reunion is history and a good time was had by all.  If you were unable to attend, you missed two wonderful days.  Those attending spent time reminiscing at the Friday night social held at the Middletown Arts Center.
For the occasion, Jack Howard created another special rendering for the Class of '51 and each classmate attending received a copy.  Thanks to Jack again for this keepsake of our reunion--a picture of the Manchester Hotel where we have all spent many enjoyable evenings
The original was framed by Jack and presented to Janet Robinson in memory of Jack Robinson by Joyce & John Schraffenberger.
Joyce & John
Janet Robinson & Jack
On Saturday, we all traveled to the Kentucky side of the Ohio River and boarded the "Celebrations" Riverboat for a 3-hour dinner cruise.  The food was delicious, the weather warm and sunny, and the scenery spectacular on both sides of the river as we traveled up stream.  We passed downtown Cincinnati, viewed the Great American Ball Park, floated under the many colorful bridges and checked out the many riverfront restaurants along the way.
Cincinnati Skyline
Great American Ball Park
Purple People Bridge
Belle of Cincinnati Party Boat
Jack Howard's 55th Reunion Rendering
The  Crowd
New River Hot Spot
Newport on the Levee
Snapshots from a memorable day
Chow Time

Becky Leonard, sister of Mary Lee Yenser Henderson, competing in Cornhole Game on Upper Deck
Barbara Rau Reinartz, et al Waiting for Dinner
Ruby Brandenburg Aldridge, Alice Agoston, Janet Robinson, Chris Higham, Nancy MacKinnon Karchner
Dave Tickel, Dave's brother Will,
Jack Howard, Bob Keyser
Dale Kohler, Emmett Kaelble, Martha Davidson Kaelble
Ole Schraff taking it easy
Jerry Craft (class '52), Nancy Roper Strait, Nancy Jo Lefferson Gass, Werner Gass, Stan Reinartz
Joyce Frazier Schraffenberger, Nancy MacKinnon Karchner, Nancy Roper Strait, Janice Rich Kash
Nancy Bolton, Bill Riggs
Ed Seamon, Ginger Hein Seamon, Mary Elizabeth Greathouse Montgomery, Ginger Wise Stilson
Jean Burgess Butts, Ginger Hein Seamon
George Strodtbeck, Jack Howard, Janice Revelos, Charlie Revelos
Ceil Kramer Stabler, Tom Stabler
Bob Wells (Class '52, Mayor of Middletown), Charles McChesney, Phyllis Duncan McChesney
Martha Davidson Kaelble, Jack Howard, Ed Seamon
Pat Conn Lewis, Susan Horn Kjerland

The Committee especially wants to thank the classmates who generously donated money to help cover the shortfall we experienced as a result of lower than expected attendance.

Check the website from time to time for upcoming events--we're good for another year--thanks for the new website donations!

We look forward to the 60th--who wants to help?

Dee Burkhardt - Chair
Ted Karchner  - Treasurer

Agoston, John   Agoston, Alice
Aldridge, Ruby (Brandenburg)    Aldridge, James
Burgher, Doug (Unable to attend)       Burgher, Anna
Burkhardt, Dee (Rhodes)
Butts, Jean (Burgess)        Butts, George
Byrne, Tom (Friday only)
Clark, Ruth (Allen) (Friday only)
Cox, Ron                          Cox, Shirley
Craft, Jerry (class of '52)    Craft, Joan
Fiessinger, Dick                Fiessinger, Carolyn (Jones)
Frazier, Sharo (Friday only)
Gass, Nancy Jo (Lefferson)        Gass, Werner
Glass, Lucretia (Friday only)
Henderson, Bob                Henderson, Margaret (Schneider)
Henderson, Mary Lee (Yenser)   Becky Leonard (Mary Lee's sister)
Higham, Norm                   Higham, Chris
Howard, Jack                    Stearns, Sally
Kaelble, Martha (Davidson)       Kaelble, Emmett
Kah, Ralph                       Kah, Deeanne
Karchner, Ted                   Karchner, Nancy (MacKinnon)
Kash, Janice (Rich)           Frebis, Tom
Keyser, Robert
Kjerland, Susan (Horn)      Kjerland, Don
Kohler, Dale                     Kohler, Edith and guest John Daniel (Sat only)
Lewis, Pat (Conn)
McChesney, Charles         McChesney, Phyllis (Duncan)
McCray, Geraldyne (Baker)       Baker, Rowena
Minor, Joe                        Minor, Marilyn (Schneider)
Montgomery, Mary (Greathouse)       Montgomery, John
Morgan, David                   Morgan, Rose
Morris, Luther                   Morris, Barbara
Reinartz, Stan                  Reinartz, Barbara (Rau)
Revelos, Charles               Revelos, Janice
Riggs, Bill                        Bolton, Nancy
Robinson, Janet
Rossi, John                      Rossi, Ceil
Schraffenberger, John        Schraffenberger, Joyce (Frazier)
Seamon, Ed                     Seamon, Ginger (Hein)
Sennet, Fred                    Sennet, Dana
Settich, Isabel (Bendel)     Bendel, Dick
Smith, Don (Friday only)                  Smith, Paula
South, Reva (Larman)
Stabler, Tom                    Stabler, Ceil (Kramer)
Stilson, Virginia (Wise)     Stilson, William
Strait, Nancy (Roper)
Strodtbeck, George          Strodtbeck, Janet (Sebald)
Tickel, Dave                     Tickel, Will (Dave's brother)
Wells, Bob (class of '52)   Wells, Nancy
Witherspoon, Wiley          Witherspoon, Claudette

Classmates & Guests Attending 55th Reunion
Joan & Jerry Craft, Nancy & Bob Wells Guests from MHS Class of '52
Proclamation from Middletown Mayor Bob Wells