Our first annual luncheon was held in Middletown at Damon's Restaurant. Total attendence was 44 classmates and spouses.
For our female classmates we are using only maiden name
Alice and John Agoston     Dick Rice
Jerry and Audrey Oaks Burnett

Lorretta Duff     Billie Egelston    Joyce Frazier
Fred Sennet    John Rossi    Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson  Doug Burgher  Tom Byrne
Phyllis Duncan  Phoebe Henry
Joan Smith-J Schraffenberger-Phyllis Duncan
Nancy Lefferson and husband Werner Gass
Stan and Barbara Rau Reinartz
John Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cox
Nancy Roper and Ginger Hein
Jack Howard and "Schraff"
Edward and Ginger Hein Seamon--Barbara Rau
Don Smith    Joyce Frazier
Stan Reinartz   Mary Elizabeth Greathouse
Tom and Nancy Roper Strait
Sudy Riley and Dolores Rhodes
George (Smudge) Wilson and Charles Revelos
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