MHS Class of 1951
2012 Luncheon
Thursday August 23, 2012
Activities Building
Mount Pleasant Retirement Village
Monroe, Ohio
A total of 57 people attended including 41 classmates.  Just before sitting down for lunch, we were entertained by the Harmony Street Quartet led by our classmate Fred Pummill.
L-R    Ted May, Bill Minck, Tom Bruggeman & Fred Pummill
John Agoston (back to camera), Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt, Rose Morgan, Dave Morgan, Mary E. (Greathouse) Montgomery, Chris Higham & 
Norm Higham
Mary E. (Greathouse) Montgomery, Chris Higham, Norm Higham, John Agoston, Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt, Rose Morgan & Dave Morgan
Ed Seamon, Ginger (Hein) Seamon, Nancy (Roper) Strait, &    
Pat (Conn) Lewis
Margaret (Schneider) Henderson, Bob Henderson, Ed Seamon
Ron Cox, Shirley Cox, Dee Ann Kah, Ralph Kah & Tom Byrne
John Cotterman & wife Frances (back to camer), Doug Smith, Lorretta (Duff) Smith, Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson, Doug Burgher, &
 Anna Burgher
Doug Burgher (back to camera), Anna Burgher, Frances Cotterman, John Cotterman, Doug Smith, Loretta (Duff) Smith & Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson 
Lucretia Glass, Ruth (Allen) Clark, Ruth's daughter Angela, 
Joe Minor & Marilyn (Schneider) Minor
Alex McCarty, Lucretia Glass & Ruth (Allen) Clark
Lois (Adams) Cochran, Patsy (Fouch) Deaton, 
Janice (Rich) Kash, Phyllis (Patton) Mills & Les Mills
Dick Rice, Bill Riggs, Nancy Bolton, Claudette Witherspoon & Wiley Witherspoon
Hazel Mack and Sharo Frazier
Ceil Rossi, John Rossi & Dick Bendel
John Rossi, Dick Bendel, Isable (Fuller) Settich
Fred Sennet, Dana Sennet & Don Smith
Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner, Harold Coldiron, Pat (Hopkins) Coldiron, Dale Kohler & Edith Kohler
Bob Henderson, Ed Seamon, Ginger (Hein) Seamon, Nancy (Roper) Strait & Pat (Conn) Lewis