60th Reunion Cake which became dessert at the Dinner at Browns Run
MHS Class of 1951 - 60th Reunion

Friday Oct. 7th - Downtown Middletown at BeauVerre Stained Glass Studio which was previously the G.C. Murphy store at Broad St. and Central Ave.

Saturday Oct. 8th - Brown's Run Country Club
Friday evening at BeauVerre Stained Glass Studio
Friday night Committee Ed Seamon, Ginger (Hein) Seamon, Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery, Pat (Conn) Lewis, Norm Higham
We are not sure who this cowboy is - Some said it was Sharo Frazier.  He, and his guest Hazel Mack, were among the first to arrive Friday night.  To the right, John Schraffenberger has just been served a beverage by Ed Seamon
Sharo, without the hat, and Hazel Mack
Stan and Barbara (Rau) Reinartz looking at one of the photos in a slide presentation of new and old Middletown Landmarks,  They are looking at the new 12th Circuit Court of Appeals building located on Reinartz Blvd. which is possibly what caught Stan's attention
Norm & Chris Higham and Shirley & Ron Cox
Geraldyne (Gerri) (Baker) Barbour and husband Rudy Barbour with Bill Riggs
Isabel (Fuller) Settich and Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech
Jack Howard and his guest Marg Theruer talking to Ted Karchner
Jack Howard & Marg greeting Bob Keyser.  On the left is Luther Morris, Dave Tickel and Earl McQuinn
Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech, Nancy (Roper) Strait and Pat (Conn) Lewis
BeauVerre Stained Glass Studio - Corner of Broad St. & Central Ave
Our group being welcomed by Jay & Linda Moorman, owners of the BeauVerre Studio
John Rossi, George Wilson, Bill Riggs and Ted Karchner
Lois (Adams) Cochran talking to Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech
Doug Smith, Ron Cox, Loretta (Duff) Smith & John Schraffenberger
Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner, Jim Myers and Martha (Davidson) Kaelble
Marilyn (Schneider) Minor greeting Ruthie (Allen) Clark who was accompanied by her daughter Angela
David Morgan and Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt
Nancy (Roper) Strait & Ted Karchner reviewing
some photos to be displayed Saturday night at Brown's Run
Ginger (Hein) Seamon and Marilyn (Schneider) Minor
John Schraffenberger, Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger, Barbara Morris, Luther Morris, Fred Sennet, Dana Sennet and Ceil Rossi
Saturday Evening at Brown's Run Country Club
Souvenier Program with front cover sketch by Jack Howard
Front Cover - Each program was signed by Jack Howard
Back of Program
Everyone received a favor (Compliments of Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt)
A chocolate bar wrapped in a Jack Howard sketch of our high school
Group Photo taken at Brown's Run just before dinner on Saturday evening.  Those in attendance were able to order an 8"x10" print for $15.  Anyone else wishing to buy an 8"x10"  print can do so by sending a $15 check, made out to Harold Kramer, and mailed to him at 2006 Tullis Dr. Middletown, Ohio 45042. He will mail the print to you at the address you provide.
Wiley and Claudette Witherspoon
Lucretia Glass enjoying the evening
Dave Tickel, Ken Feinthel & Susan Feinthel
John Schraffenberger, Joyce (Frazier) Schraffenberger & Don Smith
Dale Kohler, Edith Kolher & John Schraffenberger
Marlene Pringle & Rudy Pringle
Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech, Marilyn (Schneider) Minor, Joe Minor & Margaret (Schneider) Henderson
Mary Lee (Yenser) Henderson & Mary Lee's sister Becky Leonard
Chris Higham, Ginger (Hein) Seamon & Ed Seamon
Norm Higham & Chris Higham
Ceil (Kramer) Stabler, Tom Stabler & John Rossi
Marilyn Housh, Bob Housh, Lee Wiedeke, Sudy (Riley) Wiedeke, Hazel Mack,
Sharo Frazier and Marlene Pringle
Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt, Ted Karchner, Earl McQuinn & Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner
Ken Feinthel, Susan Feinthel, Gerri (Baker) Barbour, Rudy Barbour,
Anna Burgher, Doug Burgher, Tom Byrne & Dave Tickel
Jack Howard & his guest Marg Theruer
Bob Henderson, Mary Lee (Yenser) Henderson, Becky Leonard,
Lois (Adams) Cochran, Dolores (Gruenloh) Sech, Marilyn (Schneider) Minor
Joe Minor & Margaret (Schneider) Henderson
Bob Keyser, Isabel (Fuller) Settich, Ruthie (Allen) Clark, Lucretia Glass
Wiley Witherspoon & Claudette Witherspoon
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Getting ready for the group photograph 
It only took a few minutes to get everyone organized and looking at the camera.  This was obviously early in the process
Perfect at Last!
This Threesome of Bob Keyser, Dave Tickel & Doug Burgher, plus the Threesome of Tom Byrne, Ralph Kah & Ted Karchner made up the entire 60th Reunion Golf Outing at Weatherwax Golf Course
Susan Feinthel, Gerri (Baker) Barbour, Rudy Barbour & Anna Burgher
Pat (Conn) Lewis, Martha (Davidson) Kaelble, Emmett Kaelble & Nancy (Roper) Strait
Bill Stilson, Ginger (Wise) Stilson & Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery
Luther Morris, Loretta (Duff) Smith & Doug Smith
Nancy Bolton, Bill Riggs & Bob Keyser
Rose Morgan & Dave Morgan
Stan Reinartz, Barbara (Rau) Reinartz, Deanne Kah & Ralph Kah