65th Reunion Dinner

September 9, 2016

Held at The Houston Inn Restaurant
4026 US Rt. 42, Lebanon, Ohio

25 classmates were in attendance
   Pictured L-R

                            Seated:                          Ron Cox, Isabel (Fuller) Settich, Sudy (Riley) Wiedeke, Janice (Rich) Kash, 
                                                                   Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson and Rudy Pringle

                          1st Row Standing:         Jack Howard, Ted Karchner, Phyllis (Patton) Mills, Les Mills, 
                                                                   Ginger (Hein) Seamon, George Christy, Ed Seamon, Bob Keyser,
                                                                   Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner, Marilyn (Schneider) Minor, and Tom Byrne

                          2nd Row Standing:        Nancy (Roper) Strait, Ralph Kah, Jerry Crow, Dale Kohler, Bill Riggs,
                                                                  Norm Higham and Bob Housh.

   Not pictured because he had to leave before we could take the picture:    Don Smith

   Also, not pictured is Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt who was unable to attend.
Table full of photos of previous Reunions, plus a bowl full of Purple Pens, provided by Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt,  imprinted with "Middletown High School Class of 1951 65th Class Reunion".  
The Reunion photos included ones from the 30th, 35th, 40th and 60th Reunions.  
Isabel (Fuller) Settich talking with Don Smith and Janice (Rich) Kash.  To the right is Curt, a friend of Isabel who was kind enough to bring her to the dinner so she would not have to drive.
On the left is Jerry Crow and Les Mills.  In the center, Marilyn Housh and Bob Housh. Behind Bob in the blue checked shirt is George Christy and to the right is Lee Wiedeke, and Sudy (Riley) Wiedeke
pictured left to right, Dale Kohler, Edith Kohler, Chris Higham, Norm Higham, 
Nancy (Roper) Strait and Ginger (Hein) Seamon
At the end of the table is Marlene Pringle and Rudy Pringle.  To Rudy's right is Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner, Marilyn (Schneider) Minor, Jack Howard and Dee Ann Kah
To the left of Marlene is Ron Cox
On the left is Bill Riggs, Nancy Bolton and Judy Laird, a guest of Bill and Nancy, 
 Just beyond Judy is George Christy.  To the right is Tom Byrne, Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson and Isabel (Fuller) Settich
Facing the camera is Ginger (Hein) Seamon, Ed Seamon, Stacy Crow, Phyllis (Patton) Mills and Dee Ann Kah.  To the right is Marilyn Housh
On the right is Jerry Crow, Les Mills, Ralph Kah and Marg Theruer, guest of Jack Howard.
Seated right to left - Nancy (Roper) Strait, Norm Higham, Chris Higham, Edith Kohler,
Dale Kohler and standing is Bob Keyser
Jack Howard and Bob Keyser