Since not everyone in our class would be celebrating their 80th Birthday in 2013, we decided not to indicate Happy 80th Birthday on the cake. 
MHS Class of 1951 
80th Birthday Dinner
held Friday August 23, 2013
at the Houston Inn located on US Rt. 42 between Lebanon and Mason
Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt welcoming everyone.  Dee is holding a small flashlight because the lights were turned down, not because there is anything wrong with her eyesight.
Ted Karchner reading comments sent in by classmates unable to attend and also reporting on the latest news about class president Dick Neff.  No, Ted does not have a three-day growth of a white beard, he was just caught pointing the flashlight towards himself instead of towards the notes he was trying to read.
Jerry and Stacy Crow
Anna and Doug Burgher
Janice (Rich) Kash and Patsy (Fouch) Deaton
Ruth (Allen) Clark
Rose & Dave Morgan
Nancy Bolton and Bill Riggs
Loretta (Duff) Smith and Doug Smith
Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt and John Agoston
Dana and Fred Sennet
Don Smith
DeeAnn and Ralph Kah
Carol (Clark) Pavlik and her brother Jim .
Sudy (Riley) Wiedke and Lee Wiedke.
Edith and Dale Kohler.
Chris and Norm Higham
Ginger (Hein) Seamon and Ed Seamon
Margaret (Schneider) Henderson and Bob Henderson
Marilyn (Schneider) Minor and Joe Minor
Pat (Hopkins) Coldiron and Harold Coldiron
Phyllis (Patton) Mills and Les Mills
Pat (Conn) Lewis, Mary Elizabeth (Greathouse) Montgomery and Nancy (Roper) Strait
Jack Howard
Jeannine (Mehl) Davidson, Doug Burger, Doug Smith, 
Loretta (Duff) Smith and Anna Burgher
Don Smith, Dave Morgan and George Christy
On the near left, Nancy (Roper) Strait, George Christy
and Doug Burgher.  On the right DeeAnn Kah and 
Tom Byrne
On the left Ted Karchner and Dee (Rhodes) Burkhardt.  
On the right Nancy (MacKinnon) Karchner and John Agoston
50 people enjoyed the dinner including 36 classmates.  We did not present a prize for the classmate who traveled the greatest distance, but if we had it would certainly have gone to Carol (Clark) Pavlik who lives in Vancouver, Washington