This aerial view shows the original building, from the gym on the left to the auditorium on the right as it looked when it was built in 1923. 
The great success of Middies basketball, led by coach Paul
 Walker, created the need for a larger basketball venue.  Construction of the 3,600 seat Wade E. Miller Gym began in August 1951 and was completed in December 1952.
Middletown High School, located on Girard Ave. between Baltimore St. and Curtis St. was built in 1923 and operated as a high school until 1969 when it became the Middletown Freshman High School.  In the fall of 1981, it became the Stephen Vail Middle School.

The demolition of our High School began in September 2018 and oddly enough it began with the newest part of the complex, the Wade E. Miller Gym, and proceeded across the rear of the building to the Auditorium and then across the front to the Students Gym
The day demolition began, the entrance to the Wade E. Miller Gym looked like the above picture.  The next day, the entrance looked like the picture below.
The rear of the building looking from Baltimore St.
On the extreme left is the north wall of the Auditorium.  This picture was taken just before demolition of the Auditorium started
This pile of rubble is part of the Auditorium
This photo shows part of the interior wall of the Auditorium with the colored panels and to the left, in black, is part of the stage
The Demolition of our High School
The main entrance to the school with the large concrete columns as it looked before demolition of this part of the school began.  In the foreground is the vault which held the original Time Capsule which was filled in 1924 as well as memorabilia from 1984 when vandals dug it out forcing it to be replenished with items from that era.  The Time Capsule contained tattered, but still readable, newspapers from 1924.  From 1984 were Rubik's Cubes, a computer floppy disk, a can of Coke and a vinyl 45 record of the rock bank The Who.
Current Middletown Middle School Principal Michael Valenti, who taught and was an administrator at the old school gingerly picked items out of the Time Capsule.
Short sections of the large concrete columns can be seen in this picture
The corner of the Gym can be seen on the left
The start of demolition of the Gym
The final section of the Gym facing Curtis St.  The steps to the Wade E. Miller Gym can be seen in the right foreground